The Italians were out for revenge in La Sostranina, as they took on the race-winning Ferrari.

This is their sixth Grand Prix in the Italian Formula One.

There are eight races to be won, including three in the European Championship, and there is also the World Championship.

For this Italian Grand Tour, it’s going to be a race for the ages.

For a race which, if the result is anything like it was last year, will be contested by the best drivers in the world, it is the most exciting of the races.

It’s also going to decide who takes the crown of the best of the season.

First up is Fernando Alonso, with a brilliant start, but soon it will be back to him to deliver the first win of his career.

This race will be very important for the Spaniard, because it will decide whether he will have a better year or a worse one.

After a slow start, Alonso will have to fight for the title.

For his efforts, he is the only driver on the grid.

In the first race of the year, he was on pole position for the first time, and he also led the race, but he lost his position on the restart in Monaco and in the race in Austria.

But it is not just the race where he has struggled.

He has been plagued by problems in the second race, and in both races, he has failed to live up to expectations.

He also lost his place at the start of the race at Monza.

However, he returned to the podium in Monaco.

His race in Belgium has been better, and so far, he still leads Sebastian Vettel.

However at this stage, it feels like he is in a race of his own, and that he is on a roll.

If Alonso can continue to do well at the Hungaroring, it will only make it harder for Vettel to maintain his position at the top of the podium.

In order to secure his position, he needs to win a race.

There will be some difficult races, and some tricky decisions to be made, but this race is going to provide a huge opportunity for him.

The two Ferraris will try to overtake each other, and the final battle will be decided by whether Alonso can keep up with Vettel in the championship.

Ferrari will start the race with a driver change, with Felipe Massa taking over from Sebastian Valtteri Bottas, and then Nico Hulkenberg will step into the seat for his second race.

Massa is currently the only other Ferrari driver with a good chance of winning this race.

The German will make sure that he does not get caught behind Massa, but it will also be crucial for him to get a result.

He can win the race if he can get behind Massas and stay ahead, and it is a great opportunity for a driver with experience to try to keep the team up and running.

The third driver change will see Kimi Raikkonen move up to second.

This driver change was planned for a long time, because of Raikkensen’s strong performance at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

He had a good start, then his engine failed, and after that, he did not have the same energy level.

But he did have the good fortune to have the best car.

The Finn managed to put together a very good race, with his best lap of the day coming from a pit stop.

Raikkenson will have more problems in Hungary, because the track is not as straight as it was at Spa.

He will need to try and get some of the track on his side, but in Hungary he was able to do that.

He managed to make some of his corners more difficult.

He was also able to stay out of trouble for much of the battle, so he will not be too much of a threat on the other cars.

He is still not the best driver in the field, and this race will give him more opportunities to get better.

He might even be able to go one better than his teammate, Valteneri Bottoms.

Raikonen will start from a much lower point in the grid, and will need a good result to be able continue on.

The second driver change comes for Esteban Ocon, who has been struggling a bit this season.

This change is not a new one, but Ocon had been trying to get back into the race.

At the end of last year he was fifth on the list, but after that he was one of the worst drivers in F1.

The only positive thing about this change is that it allows him to try a little bit harder.

Ocon is the first of the drivers to get this change, and has a strong chance of getting back into contention for the championship again.

It will be a very difficult race for him, and his best chance is to get the better of Valt.

Valtneri Bottares will try his best

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