A crocodile that was captured on camera has been put down in the Brisbane CBD after an aggressive encounter with a police dog.

The video was posted on the Brisbane City Council’s Facebook page on Thursday night.

It shows a crocodiles tail snapping at the officer’s foot and it then cuts the officer in half.

The crocodile is then seen running towards the officer with its mouth open and its claws digging in.

It then grabs the officer by the neck and the crocodile struggles to get him off the ground.

The dog is then heard saying “we got him”.

The officer can be seen getting up from the ground as the crocodiles jaws are forced open and the officer is knocked back into the crocodilian’s mouth.

The crocodiles mouth then snaps shut and the dog, wearing a police hat, walks away from the crocodilians jaws.

The officers actions are captured on video.

“The officer was on the ground and his partner was just screaming at him to get on his back and get down,” police Sergeant Steve Johnson said.

“The crocodilian, in response, started biting at the officers foot and trying to get his hands on his partner.

This is what I was looking for, the crocodili had been caught and we had an officer on the run.”

He was still on the verge of being able to catch him and I think he thought he had a shot and I don’t think he saw what was coming.

“The crocodilis bite the officer, who is in shock.

He has been taken to hospital.

A video posted on Twitter by the Brisbane Police Department shows the officer on a stretcher after being bitten by the crocodillians mouth.”

As a paramedic I was shocked and saddened to see the crocodillian bite the man and dragged him down the road,” Sergeant Johnson said in a statement.

In a statement to News.org.au, the Queensland Ambulance Service said the officer was transported to Royal Brisbane Hospital.

He was later discharged and is currently recovering at home.”

This was a very aggressive and aggressive crocodile,” Sergeant Smith said.”

It was not a wild crocodile at all.

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