When Nana Nana first started drawing her Anime characters on her body in 1998, she thought it was just another hobby.

“I started drawing as a way of connecting with people in a way that was both playful and emotional,” she says.

But the artist soon realised that she was drawing to connect with people.

“When I was drawing, I wasn’t thinking about the image as an artist,” Nana says.

“My mind was always on how to convey emotion to people.”

She began tattooing her Anime character on her arms and legs, on her stomach, her neck, her stomach and her back.

She also drew her signature eye patch on her neck.

“In the beginning, I was just thinking, ‘Oh, I’m going to have fun with this,’ and it became a really fun hobby for me,” Nanas says.

After graduating from university, Nana went to work as a fashion designer for the fashion houses of Tokyo.

“After that, I became a member of the staff of the Tokyo Fashion Show.

After that, it was a really fast-paced job, but the staffs, the customers and the fans really helped me grow,” Nanks says.

Nana’s latest project involves an anime character called “Beau Animal Crossing”.

The character, named after the famous game character, is a cross between a human and a bear.

It is a cute, innocent and cuddly character who is always happy to see everyone.

“As a fan of anime, I thought it would be a fun project to make a bear and a human cross, and to draw a picture of both,” she explains.

“It was also a way for me to draw on my body, and show that I can draw and express myself in different ways.”

Beau Animal crossing is an anime series inspired by a Japanese cartoon called “Bouken” which has become a popular children’s series.

The show follows a dog called Boo, who is able to speak in Japanese, play music and even speak English.

It has been shown in over 200 countries and has been seen in over 250 countries.

Nanas decided to make an anime based on her own story and the characters’ journey to a new world.

She created a storyboard with the characters, backgrounds and even a musical number that she sings in English and Japanese.

“Being a fan myself, I knew the characters were like me, and I wanted to be a part of their lives and their adventures,” Nansa says.

With the help of her family and friends, Nanas travelled to Japan to make the series and the art was completed.

Nansas first tattoo was done on her legs.

“The first time I drew a character on my legs, I felt really good, and my legs are the only place I have tattooed them,” she recalls.

“Then, when I drew the characters on my stomach, I also felt good and really felt that I was able to connect to the fans,” she adds.

“They were really supportive, and they were really accepting.”

Nanas started drawing the anime characters in 2006 and has continued to draw them ever since.

She has also made an anime manga based on the series, a novel and several other projects.

The anime series is a big success in Japan, and Nanas has been nominated for many awards, including the “Best Animated Anime” and the “Top Anime Artist” awards.

“Anime is a huge part of my life now,” Nanesa says, “because of the anime series and manga, and because I got to have a connection with the fans.”

Beaus Animal Crossing is a fun anime, she says, and it is a way to express the love and passion for anime she has for animals.

“Animism has become very popular in Japan and anime has also become popular,” she notes.

“But I think it is still a small part of the world and that there is still an underground of anime fans in Japan.”

Nana is currently finishing a book about anime, titled “A Memoir of Animes and Anime”, and she is working on a second book about animals.

For now, Nansaa has decided to focus on a new project, one that is different from any other project she has ever done before.

“For the past five years, I have been working on my own storyboard, which is a very different kind of storyboard to the anime,” she remembers.

“This time, I am writing the book, and that book will be the first anime book.”

“Beaus Animal crossing” is out now.

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