Posted March 02, 2018 06:05:51A cute anime girl character with her clothes on, and not a sexy one.

Her hair is short and straight, and she wears a cute pair of panties with a cute collar and bows.

Her face is made of pink hair, and her eyes are red and blue.

She is very petite, and is wearing a pink kimono with a matching pair of leggings.

Her outfit is very basic, but it makes her look very cute.

Her outfit is also very short, as her arms are covered with little fluffy blankets.

Her breasts are large, with pink nipples and nipples with pink dots.

Her breasts are also pierced.

Her lips are very thin, as well as her tongue.

Her eyes are blue, as are her eyes, lips, and ears.

Her eyes are small, and only a couple of centimeters from her nose.

Her mouth is wide and open, and has a smile on it.

Her tongue is also wide, and wide.

Her tongue is long and curved, as is her mouth.

Her hair is very short and soft.

Her legs are long and slender.

Her body is very slender, and with little curves and curves.

Her legs are also long, and slender, with little curvatures and curves in her legs.

Her body is also short, and smooth.

Her feet are long, with toes pointing up.

Her arms are short and slender and she has pink nails.

Her wrists are long.

Her hands are short, with fingers pointing down.

Her thighs are long with pink nails, and pink toes.

Her feet are also pink.

Her toes are short.

Her toes are also short.

Her hips are long at the top, with a slight curve at the bottom.

Her knees are long as well, with both knees pointing out.

Her ankles are long also, with two small pink toes pointing out, and two pink toes pointed out, each with two pink and pink dots on them.

Her ankles are also very long.

Her calves are long on both sides, with no curvature.

Her heels are long too, with three pink toes on each side.

Her elbows are long like this.

Her waist is long, like this too.

Her belly is long too.

Her stomach is long.

What is your favorite character from the anime?

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