An image posted to Instagram last month shows a woman with a white rabbit, a pink cat and a red-haired monkey, among other animals, in an anime fan cafe in Jerusalem.

She captioned it “This is my room in #AnimeRoom, where I enjoy anime,” and it quickly gained more than 1,000 likes.

The photo, titled “A girl’s room in Anime Room,” has attracted attention for its depiction of an Asian-looking rabbit and cat in a room that is part anime room and part cosplay cafe.

One of the most popular posts on the popular social media platform, Instagram, shows the woman holding a cat while her face is obscured by a mask.

In the caption, she wrote: “It’s my room, where everyone knows that we all love anime.”

The caption was retweeted more than 30,000 times, and several users shared their own photos of the room, some of which are cropped and cropped, showing the rabbit and the cat.

Another Instagram user posted a photo of the rabbit, saying: “The cat and rabbit are the best of friends, they are both cute.”

But others said the room was more than just cute.

“A room full of cats, a room full, you can see, you don’t see them,” one commenter wrote.

“They’re the best friends,” another said.

“The two are like one.”

In the past, people have complained about an “Asian” looking rabbit, but this time, it has become an internet phenomenon.

Some users have been quick to criticize the room’s “Asian-looking” rabbit, posting photos of it on social media.

In one post, a woman who is Japanese posted a picture of the cat and bunny and said: “This isn’t just a cat room, this is a room for everyone.”

But others also defended the room for being a cosplay room, saying it was an alternative to other cosplay cafes in the area.

“This room, the cosplay place, it’s the most amazing thing,” one Instagram user wrote.

“It is a cosplaying place, I’ve been to it a few times.

It’s the best cosplay space, cosplayers can come in and make friends and hang out.””

The cosplay and cosplay culture, it is the only one in the world where you can do that,” another user added.

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