The internet is a huge place for anime and manga.

We have an abundance of anime, and we have plenty of manga.

There are tons of anime characters and even a lot of manga characters with their own bodies.

Anime characters with animal bodies are not uncommon, and they can range from adorable to bizarre.

Below is a list of anime character and manga body pillow designs, as well as their anime and/or manga art, along with their various backgrounds.

We also include links to some of the more notable anime and Manga body pillow art.

There’s also an explanation for each design.

If you know of an anime or manga body pillow that you think deserves an explanation, please comment and let us know.

Animate characters with ocean animals A body pillow that has an animated sea animal in it is one of the easiest designs to animate, and it’s also pretty fun to play with.

There is an animated series about an adorable mermaid named Mermaid Princess that was aired in the late 90s.

The mermaid is depicted with a sea animal on her back, and she has a mouthful of hair, eyes, and ears.

Mermaid Princess’s mouth has an eye and nose, and her ears are filled with beads.

In the animation, there are many different ocean animals that can be seen, but most of them have long, flowing tails.

A character from the series, named Mermaid Queen, has an enormous fish-like fish on her stomach.

The fish is a shark, and the fish on Mermaid Queen’s stomach is an octopus.

Mermaid Queen has a pair of ears that look like earmuffs, and there is also a fish-shaped piece of fish on the back of Mermaid Queen.

Mermaid Prince has a fish head on her head.

Mermaid King has a huge fish-tipped sword.

Mermaid Sea has a sea monster on her body, and Mermaid Sea’s body pillow is filled with sea creatures.

Mermaid Pirate King has an octopi-like head on his head.

The Mermaid Princess has an outfit of sea creatures and fish on his body.

Mermaid Dragon King has large fins on her arms, and on the top of his head is a large octopus that has been transformed into a large shark.

Mermaid Giant King has long, black hair on his arms, legs, and back.

Mermaid Mermaid Princess’ body pillow has two large eyes.

Mermaid Wizard King has two giant eyes.

The water on Mermaid Prince’s body has a blue tint.

Mermaid Aqua King has purple hair.

Mermaid Magic King has blue hair.

The background on Mermaid Sea and Mermaid Pirate Queen’s bodies is filled in with sea monsters and fish.

Mermaid Dark Prince has dark red hair on a fish tail.

Mermaid Water King has green hair on her chest.

Mermaid White Prince has yellow hair.

Aqua Princess has blue eyes.

Magic King’s body pillows have a sea creature on them, as do Mermaid Princess and Mermaid Wizard.

A body pillowing style that has a water dragon on it, as seen on Mermaid King’s and Mermaid Princess, is one that is popular on the internet.

The body pillowers that have sea animals on them are known as “dragon pillows.”

Mermaid Queen is the first character in an anime series that has dragons on her.

Her body pillow looks like a dragon’s mouth.

Mermaids are often depicted with many different sea animals and sea monsters.

Mermaid Princes have a mouth with fish-tail eyes, so it’s likely they have an octoplasm on their mouths.

Mermaid Dragons are sometimes depicted as having a large mouth full of fish-tails.

Mermaid’s body pills have a fish on it’s stomach.

Mermaid Knights have long hair on their backs.

Mermaid Pirates have long fins on their bodies, as can be found on Mermaids and Mermaids Knights.

Mermaid Witches have short, fish-tailed tails.

Mermaid Sorcerers have long tails.

The main character, Mermaid Queen from the anime series, is depicted as a mermaid princess with long hair and long, fishlike fins.

Mermaid Royalty have long black hair that covers most of their bodies.

Mermaid Fairy Princess is the only Mermaid Princess.

Mermaid Grand Princess has long hair with a purple swirl.

Mermaid Empress has long black curls on her face.

Mermaid Emperor has long long hair, long, and fish-patterned hair on both his legs.

Mermaid Mage Princess has purple-and-gold hair on the sides of her head, as does Mermaid Mage Queen.

The character Mermaid Princess is one who looks like her in a fish suit.

Mermaid Mages are usually depicted with multiple sea animals.

Mermaid Kings have long fish tails.

Mermaid Princes can also have a body pillow with multiple fish tails, or have fish tails on their heads.

Mermaid Knight has two fish-headed fish on their chests, and a blue-and/or purple-ish swirl on their arms.

Mermaid Witch Princess has black hair.

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