By sharing a photo, you can add a friend to a group that has a dog who has recently crossed the border from another country.

But it can be hard to find an animal crossing friend.

Facebook is now rolling out an option that will let you add a new dog to the group in the same way you add friends to groups.

This new feature will automatically create an animal companion with the friend you share the photo with, meaning you won’t need to open the app to add them.

You can add your friend to the same group or create an individual animal crossing companion for your own pet.

You’ll be able to add the animal companion as a member of the group you’re sharing photos with and see the other people in the group when you visit their Facebook profile page.

If you’d like to see the animals you’ve crossed from another animal-friendly country on your Facebook feed, just tap the blue link in the top right hand corner.

Then tap the “Add a new friend” button.

If all goes well, the other person’s animal will appear in the “Actions” section of your friend’s profile.

This will be the closest animal companion you’ve got.

And as you add them, you’ll see the photo in the friend’s photo albums and add a “Add new friend to group” link in their profile.

If the animal you want to add doesn’t have a photo in your photo albums, you should tap the green “Add friend” link at the top of the “actions” section.

This lets you add the friend from their Facebook page.

When the animal’s photo album shows up in your friend list, you’re good to go.

You don’t have to do anything else, as you can simply add the photo to your photo album and tap “Add” to add it.

Once you’ve added the friend to your group, you will be able add them to your “friends” list.

Tap the red “Add friends” link on the bottom right hand side of the new group and they’ll appear in your friends list.

The group is automatically populated with the animals who have crossed the US border.

And when you join the group, they will see your friend in the feed, as if you were their friend.

You also can add new friends to your own group by tapping the blue “Add an animal friend” option at the bottom of the profile page, then choosing the animal and clicking “Add”.

The added animal friend will appear on the members list and when you create a new group they will appear.

And they’ll have the same status as any other members.

The other new feature introduced with the new feature is the ability to set a time limit for your new friends.

By adding a photo or video of the animal crossing the border, you may be able set the time limit, which you can then enforce at the end of the day or week.

You won’t have the option to add a time constraint to your existing group.

The app will also display the number of hours remaining on the border.

It will also warn you when the border is close and warn you that you may have to leave.

It won’t let you cross the border with your dog at home, unless you have a permit from the US Department of Agriculture.

The Border Patrol says the new features will allow for a more humane approach to border control and will help improve the safety of border crossings.

The changes were announced last week by the US Border Patrol’s executive director, Tom Homan.

You should see the new border crossing companion feature in the app over the next few weeks.

But for now, it’s only a few days until the app’s release.

The updated app also brings a couple of other new features.

First, you have the ability now to tag photos of animals and dogs crossing the US-Mexico border.

This allows you to tag a photo of a dog or cat crossing the Texas-Mexico line to identify it, allowing you to quickly find them.

Second, the app now has the ability for people to add friends who are crossing the country in the future.

Once they arrive, they can join the same animal crossing group as the people you’ve shared the photo or photo album with.

So if you’re in a group with someone, you don’t need you to open up the app and open their profile to see their profile or photos.

You just see their name and your new group’s name.

The next release will also have an option for people who want to share their pets with their friends to join them on the Facebook app.

The option will be accessible in the photo menu on the left hand side.

The dogs and cats who are on the crossing will automatically appear in their friends list, and they can add you as a friend by tapping “Add Friend” in the menu.

You could also add a dog and cat crossing companion to your friends, and when they join the

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