Aussie cartoon show overlord anime has revealed its top anime friends, with its most popular character being a sad anime girl who loves to watch anime and play video games.

Here are the top five anime friends of Sad Anime Girl:Amber (Kazumi Kamiya)The adorable Amber (Koyomi Araragi) has been in a relationship with the anime’s sad anime character for years.

Amber is a girl who has lived for a very long time with her parents and has lived with her mom since the beginning of the series.

She is also a good friend to Sad Anime Girls, as she is a friend to every character in the series, and the show has even made her a character in their show.

She’s a fan favourite, and has become a main character in many episodes of the show, including one in which she is in a romantic relationship with a sad and nerdy character named Sad Anime Guy.

Amber’s friendship with Sad Anime Boy and Sad Anime girl is not limited to Sad Animal Crossing characters either, as Amber is the only one of the characters to have her own anime series.

Sad Animal Crossing has a whole collection of anime friends who are known as “Sad Anime Girls”, and Amber is only the second anime character to be part of the Sad Animal Friendship Club.

A number of anime fans have said that Amber is one of their favourite anime characters, and it’s safe to say that Sad Anime has her favourite anime friends too.

Sad Animal Friends:Matsuragi (Katsuhiro Otomo)The sad and lovable Matsuragi is the main character of the animated series.

He is a high school student who is constantly bullied by his friends.

His love for sweets is strong, as he is also very sweet, which makes him a very popular character among anime fans.

Sad Anime Girl is a fan-favorite of many anime fans, and she has appeared in several episodes of her own series.

In fact, she is the star of the first season of the anime series, which is released on November 2.

She loves to play video game and has an unhealthy obsession with Pokémon, but has a sweet heart and is a very kind character who helps other sad anime characters.

Sad Animation Girls:Aqua (Makoto Kato)The popular Aqua (Mikako Komatsu) has a very friendly personality and always makes fun of herself.

She is also known as a very good friend of Sad Animals, as her favorite character is Sad Animal Boy.

She also likes to eat sweets and eats a lot of sweets.

She has a cute smile and is quite fond of Sad Animal Animals.

Sad Animals:Panda (Yuichi Takahashi)Panda is a sad animal character who is an orphan.

He loves sweets and loves to eat.

He is a good guy who is always trying to help Sad Animals.

Panda also likes eating sweets and enjoys eating them, so he is the best of all Sad Animal friends.

Sad Animals:Kurama (Shizuka Asano)The character of Kurama is an adorable and cute little girl who lives with her mother and has a really hard time keeping up with schoolwork.

She has a soft spot for Sad Animals and likes to make friends with them.

She often gets along with Sad Animals as she always tries to help them, even though she has a hard time doing so.

Sad Animated Friends:Tsubasa (Yuko Mizutani)Tsubara is the cute and shy Tsubasa.

She loves sweets, and enjoys playing video games, as well as eating sweets.

Sad animated friends Tsubara and Tsubaki are also pretty much inseparable, as they are the only two anime characters to be friends with each other.

SadAnimals:Chibi Tsubata (Rika Sato)Chibi is a cute and kind girl who is very shy and shy of people, but her heart and her smile make her a very sweet and friendly anime character.

She also likes sweets and is very fond of sad animals.

Sadanimals:Tachibana (Yui Horie)Tachibi is the quiet Tachibane.

She likes sweets, loves playing video game, and is really friendly.

She and Sad Animals also have a very close relationship, as Tachibi often tries to protect her friends.

The characters in the anime were created by the anime studio KADOKAWA, and are based on the character designs by Japanese animation house Production IG.

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