In the early 2000s, a series of internet forums sprung up to explore the origins and evolution of Pokémon.

But when they were revealed, the community quickly lost interest and became defunct.

It’s been a while since the forums were resurrected.

Now, a new team of researchers have been working on bringing the community back online, and it looks like they’re coming up with a new idea: a new Pokémon app that could revolutionise Pokémon fans’ lives.

The team is working on a new app called Pokémon Go, which could transform Pokémon fans into a virtual version of themselves, and potentially even change the way they interact with Pokémon in real life.

The app, which is being developed by the Australian-based company Pokémon Labs, aims to be a virtual reality game, where the user will “see the Pokémon world as a virtual space” using augmented reality technology.

While the team has yet to reveal the app’s name, they have revealed that it will use the name Pokémon.

The idea behind Pokémon Go is to take the virtual world of Pokémon, the series of cartoon characters, and make it real.

“We don’t have a name yet, but we’re going to give it the Pokémon name,” Pokémon Labs founder and chief executive Nick Rogers told Business Insider.

“It’s kind of a wild guess, but if we get it right, we’ll get to say, ‘Okay, you see this Pokémon there, what do you do with it?'”

The app will be similar to the Pokémon GO app in the sense that the user is able to capture Pokémon in the virtual environment, but it’s not just that they’ll have to capture the Pokémon themselves.

Instead, the app will allow the user to capture “virtual” Pokémon they can share with others and even interact with in-game.

“When you’re capturing Pokémon, it’s really simple.

Just take a picture of the Pokémon, or a Pokémon that you’ve captured, and upload it to the app,” Rogers said.

“There are some restrictions around how you can interact with the Pokémon.

There are restrictions on how you use it, and we don’t want to put too many restrictions on the user.”

The Pokémon app will also offer a “collectable experience” that will let users see the Pokémon in their virtual world and “play” with them.

In other words, it will let the user see a Pokémon in a virtual environment and interact with it, rather than having to capture it and return it to its Poké Ball.

But the main point of the app is to let the users interact with a Pokémon and collect it.

In Pokémon Go’s early days, the Pokémon app was not very popular.

However, Rogers said that the app grew rapidly in popularity because people were able to find a lot of Pokémon and experience them in a way that had never been possible before.

“The people that are playing now are just getting into it more and more, so they’re finding new and interesting Pokémon, and they’re getting the most out of it,” Rogers told BI.

“People are getting into this now, and I think we’re just at a point now where it’s becoming mainstream.”

In Pokémon GO, players will have to scan Pokémon in order to catch them. While Pokémon players will be able to see their Pokémon in virtual environments, the virtual environments will be more or less like real-world locations, and players will not be able capture Pokémon inside them.

The Pokémon GO team hopes that the new app will bring Pokémon fans back to the virtual worlds, because it could help the franchise continue to be relevant in the future.

“If we get the right Pokémon to do this in real-life, I think it would be a real game-changer,” Rogers added.

“So, I can see myself going back into the virtual reality space again and doing this again.

It’d be nice if I could capture some of the more interesting ones, and maybe put some of them in the game.” “

I would love to do a Pokemon Go game, and there’s some other Pokémon games that I’d love to see, too.

It’d be nice if I could capture some of the more interesting ones, and maybe put some of them in the game.”

Pokémon GO is also designed to allow the users to take pictures of Pokémon in-world.

It will also allow users to interact with other players, whether they be real or virtual, and the app should be able allow users “to play with” the Pokémon they capture.

“What we’re doing is going to allow people to play a virtual world with their own characters, with a virtual Pokémon, in real time,” Rogers explained.

“That way, we can create a virtual game with real-time Pokémon, but also with real players, just like the real-money games, and have the Pokémon interact with real people.”

The team hopes the app can help the virtual Pokémon catch Pokémon, because this will allow people who have never played the franchise to be able enjoy it again.

The real-player experience The team has also

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