From the first moment you turn on your TV to the latest new anime news, the internet has been flooded with people’s thoughts on which anime is their favourite.

With that in mind, here are 10 anime that you might not have heard of but will be absolutely obsessed with.

It’s a shame that this list doesn’t include the big names in the anime industry, like Hayao Miyazaki, and that’s just because they’re too old to be in the list.

However, if you’re one of those people who loves Hayao and the animation style he pioneered, then it might be worth a look. 

If you’re not a fan of the style of anime that Miyazaki created, you’ll also be surprised at the number of anime series and movies that follow his formula, from Hayao’s Golden Boy to Madhouse’s Ace Attorney.

You’ll also find plenty of great games to play, from the classics of the Golden Age to the more recent offerings of the genre. 

Here’s our Top 10 Anime that will make you absolutely love anime.1.

Golden Boy (1957)Ace attorney: The case of the century is finally here.

It’s a classic, a masterpiece of animation, and a must-watch for fans of Hayao Miku, Megumi Ogata, and the rest of the golden boys.2.

Megumi (2000)Aces are dead.

The story of Megumi Ota and her fight to reclaim the title of best ace in the world is gripping and the characters are memorable, as are the songs.3.

Ace Attorney (2006)A game unlike anything else you’ve played, Ace Attorney was a game unlike any other.

You get to work with your ace detective partner to solve cases in this colourful, surreal, and beautifully rendered universe.4.

Madhouse (1999)A modern take on the old crime-solving genre, Madhouse takes place in a modern day Chicago and revolves around the titular Madhouse.

This was a great departure from the older crime-fighting series, so it’s a good choice for fans who enjoy Madhouse and want something different.5.

Samurai Champloo (2003)Another classic, this sequel to the famous chanbara game is a great choice for the family and kids who are interested in playing the same old classic in a more contemporary setting.6.

Madman (2001)An anime classic, Madman is a fun little game that you can play with your kids and grandchildren.

It is also very enjoyable for adults and will keep you entertained for hours.7.

Madboy (2007)A comedy anime that stars some of Japan’s most famous comedians, this was a fantastic choice for any anime fan who enjoys funny anime.8.

Akatsuki no Ken (1995)A very original spin on the samurai sword, Akatsuki is one of the greatest sword series of all time.

Its a perfect choice for anime fans who want a quick and easy way to get into samurai school.9.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2005)A love letter to the classic manga and anime series, The Melanpolitan is an excellent anime for any fan of anime.10.

Sword Art Online: Infinite Stratos (2015)Another one of Square Enix’s best selling games, Sword Art is a spin-off of the popular MMO series, which is also available on mobile devices. 

Read more about the top anime titles at BBC Sport’s anime blog.

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