It is the most iconic animal in the world, but does it really have the same impact on humans?

Take a look at the 10 most beautiful animals you will ever see.


The Rhesus macaque 2.

The Great Blue Heron 3.

The Blue Whale 4.

The Giant Panda 5.

The Sumatran Elephant 6.

The Lion 7.

The Black Rhino 8.

The Leopard 9.

The Hippopotamus 10.

The Pangolin 1.

There are several species of rhesus monkeys that live in the same treehouse as us.

The most iconic of these is the Great Blue Sheon.


A great big, blue bird is known as a Bengal Tiger.


This male panda was named after a tiger, the famous “Panda of the Jungle.”


When people talk about a tiger and a giraffe, they usually mean one animal.

But they are actually two species of tiger and giraffe.


There is a type of elephant called a rhesous bull.


In China, they call it the tiger of the mountain.


In ancient times, when the Chinese called a tiger “Mao,” it meant “the great lion.”


When a man was attacked by a tiger in his own home, he was often called the “great lion.”


When the tiger is on the ground, it is called a panda.


There’s a species of dolphin called the white-tailed mackerel.

1/10 1.

It’s not the first time a giant bird has been spotted in the wild.

In 2016, the huge panda at the base of the Statue of Liberty was spotted swimming in the ocean off the coast of China.

2/10 2.

Some people think that giant pandas are the tallest animal on earth.

The tallest known animal, the giant pandora, was actually only 6 feet tall.

3/10 3.

In fact, pandas have been known to reach lengths of up to 6 feet in length.

4/10 4.

A female black rhino named Nkrumah is the world’s longest-living species of animal.

She has been living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo since 2003.

5/10 5.

Some scientists think that the Sumatrans tiger has the highest intelligence in the animal kingdom.

They say that the animal is capable of comprehending language, and is also extremely intelligent.

6/10 7.

There have been a few cases of people having to run into giant pandoras to save themselves.

8/10 9.

If you’re ever in need of some love from a giant, the Great Ape in Africa is your ideal animal to meet. 10/10

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